Claire Oakley
#8 Cutter
Height 5'8"
Age 28
College University of Minnesota - Duluth
Hometown Minneapolis, Minnesota


Claire Oakley started playing Ultimate Frisbee for Lake Effect in 2006 at UMD where she also studied Biology and Studio Art. Claire participated in 4 years of Lake Effect Frisbee including several trips to Savanah Georgia for spring break and college regionals. After graduating Claire moved from Duluth back to Minneapolis and played with the mixed team Plowed for the 2011 club ultimate season. The next summer Claire joined the Drag’n Thrust roster, reuniting with multiple Duluth teammates, as a D-line cutter where she has played since. Competing with Drag’n at two National Championships has been incredibly rewarding with winning the tournament in 2013 being the highlight of Claire’s Ultimate career. Outside of ultimate Claire works as a Lab Manager at a small amino acid analysis company. In the upcoming year Claire is looking forward to traveling to Italy with Drag’n Thrust for the World Championships.

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