David Shirley
#7 Cutter
Height 6'2"
Age 31
College Saint Louis University
Hometown Hudson, Wisconsin


David first played organized ultimate with the SLU Ultimate Team, at Saint Louis University. While at SLU David accomplished nothing significant in the form of trophies or awards in ultimate, unlike many of his current teammates. In 2008, David joined a team called “One Trick Pony” who made their first National Championship appearance the year after David moved away and re-located back to Minneapolis (he hopes there is no significant correlation).

David considers making Drag’n Thrust (third time’s the charm), winning three National Championships in a row and a World Championship within three years the highlight of his ultimate career. He looks forward to the future of Drag’n Thrust and can’t wait to see how far this team may go. He now wishfully believes that there is a correlation between him joining the team and the team’s success.

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