Eric VanderMolen
#17 Cutter
Height 6'3"
Age 27
College University of Minnesota
Hometown Edina, MN


Vandy started playing ultimate in 2007 when a few too many concussions and broken bones pushed him away from rugby with the thought “maybe I can get my concussions and broken bones in a different sport.”  He played that summer with YCC open where he was quickly intimidated by the skills that everyone from Orono possessed (see for reference: Lien brothers, NeaLX, etc).  Four years and two nationals appearances with University of Minnesota ultimate left him somewhat prepared for the North Central club region, where he bounced around between teams and divisions.  In 2015, he landed on Drag’n Thrust and has since been afforded the opportunity to compete with and against some of the best players in the world (see for reference: Lien brothers, NeaLX, etc).  When there is no flatball to be played, Vandy pretty much never leaves his apartment because his cat lives there, and Arya is a goshdarn sweetheart.  Why would you want to separate them?

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