Holly Denecour
#24 Handler
Height 5'4"
College University of Wisconsin
Hometown Junction City, WI

Years On Drag'n Thrust


Holly started playing ultimate recreationally in high school in 2001, attending a few local summer tournaments.  Her high school teammates convinced her to try out for the women’s team, Bella Donna, when she started college at the University of Wisconsin in 2002.  She agreed to go to tryouts, thinking she probably wouldn’t actually play.  She made the team, deciding in the winter that she’d stick it out for the rest of the season, but wouldn’t play the following year.  In February of 2003 she attended her first major college tournament, President’s Day, in San Diego, CA.  She went on to play for Bella Donna for the next 5 years, captained the team for 3 years, leading them to a semi-finals appearance at Nationals in 2006.
After college, Holly couldn’t wait to move somewhere to play on a dominant women’s club team.  Her and a teammate decide to move to Colorado and play on Rare Air in 2007.  After one year in Colorado, Holly moved back to Madison and spent the 2008 club season playing on her former women’s club team, Madison Jazz, with her former college teammates. Unfortunately that season she tore her ACL and meniscus. She coached Bella Donna in 2009, coaching former Pop captain and teammate Rebecca Enders and current Dragn teammate Becca Ludford their rookie season on the team.
Holly’s journey then took her to Austin, TX in 2009 to get into bilingual teaching.  She started playing on Texas Showdown in 2010 after recovering from her knee surgery.  She captained the team for 3 years, leading them to back to back semi-finals appearances at Nationals in 2012 and 2013.
After playing in Worlds in 2014 with Mexico Slash, Holly took a break from elite club ultimate (only playing in the Masters Division) until she moved to Minnesota in 2017, where she reunited with former college teammates and close friends Courtney Kiesow and Frances Tsukano to play on the women’s club team, Pop.
She spent the 2018 season being pregnant, and welcomed her first child into the world during Nationals. This season, she made the big jump to the mixed division after 18 years of only playing elite ultimate in the women’s division.  She is looking forward to reuniting with former Pop teammates Emily Regan and Claire Thallon. She is excited for the new challenges this division will present and to play with her husband so she can fulfill her wedding vow to play on a club team with him.
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