Photo by f/go
Jaime Glader
#33 Cutter
Height 5'1"
Age 35
College University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Hometown Burlington, Wisconsin

Photo by f/go


Jaime Glader was born and raised in Burlington, WI. She attended the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire where she started playing ultimate with the college men’s team, EauZone. Once enough women were tricked into playing, she and 2 friends started the women’s team, Sol, in the fall of 2005.

Jaime captained Sol for 3 years, from 2005 through her graduation in the spring of 2008. In the summer of 2006, she managed to snag a spot on Flaming Moe, the Twin Cities based club mixed team, despite breaking her throwing arm the week before tryouts.

She played with Flaming Moe in 2006 and 2007, then Alpha Cobra Squadron in 2008, and has played on Drag’n Thrust since its inception in 2009. During this time, she multitasked by attending graduate school in Chicago and playing remotely for her teams. 2013 was her 6th attendance at Club Nationals in the Mixed division, and was the best one yet!

In her spare time, Jaime works as a Physician Assistant at a busy orthopedics practice and lives in Golden Valley, MN.

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