Jake Henderson
#11 Head Coach
Height 5'10"
Age 33
College University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Hometown Oconomowoc, Wisconsin


Jake Henderson grew was born in 1983 in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.  He grew up in the small town located between Milwaukee and Madison playing hockey.  He graduated from Oconomowoc High School in 2001.
From 2001-2006 Jake attended the University of Eau Claire-Wisconsin.  He began playing ultimate his freshman year and became a 4 year captain helping build the ultimate program at UWEC.
After graduating with a BA in Secondary Education Jake moved to the Twin Cities to play ultimate.  He has played for the top mixed team in the Cities area since 2006.  He has been a member of Drag’n since its humble beginnings and helped build this team into a national championship contender.
Jake has built a very successful high school program at St. Paul Charter.  With the help of his wife and several other coaches, and also good friends, this small collection of charter schools has 1/6 of its student population playing ultimate and competes with other state powerhouses for the title.
At the 2012 National Championships he tore his fourth ACL and retired from competitive ultimate.  In Jake’s first year coaching the team 2013, Drag’n Thrust won the Mixed National Championship!  It was Jake’s greatest ultimate moment, something he has been chasing since moving to the Cities in 2006.
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