Jeff Trosvig
#1 Handler
Height 6'0"
Age 29
College University of Minnesota - Duluth
Hometown Eden Prairie, Minnesota


Jeff Trosvig has a strong background in baseball which magically translated into an 85 yard flick his first year of ultimate. He started playing ultimate during his sophomore year in 2004 with the Eden Prairie High School team ‘T is for Tapir’. He went on to captain that team before graduating and taking his skills to the University of Minnesota – Duluth. He went on to earn a captaining roll his sophomore year and had the pleasure of playing with many future Drag’ns on that team.

After graduating with a degree in Finance, Jeff made his first appearance in mixed ultimate by earning a competitive spot on Drag’n Thrust in 2010. Drag’n Thrust won Club Championships in 2013 where ESPN nominated him MVP of the championship game. This was the highlight of his ultimate career and this is where we learned that he was ‘born to play this game’.

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