Jordan Hupp
#40 Cutter
Height 5'11"
Age 24
College University of Chicago
Hometown Madison, Mississippi


Jordan Hupp was born in Connecticut and lived on the east coast until high school, when he moved to Madison, Mississippi. He attended St. Andrew’s, where he first encountered ultimate and played with classmates and local college players.

He co-founded a team at his school while also running cross-country and track. After graduation, he moved on to the University of Chicago, where he captained the men’s team for his junior and senior years, and was voted All-Region Great Lakes in 2011. While in school, he also played with a men’s club team, Chicago Haymaker.

After graduating with a degree in economics, Hupp moved to Minneapolis and made his first appearance in mixed ultimate with Drag’n Thrust in 2012. Drag’n Thrust’s national championship in 2013 has been the highlight of his ultimate career to this point, and he is looking to continue the momentum in 2014 and at the World Games.

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