Meredith Bray
#32 Handler
Height 5'4"
Age 25
College University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
Hometown Madison, WI


Meredith Bray started playing ultimate in 2006 with the James Madison Memorial High School women’s ultimate team ‘Maha Divas.’ She went on to captain her Junior and Senior year before taking the field for the university of Loyola Chicago ‘Sirens’. After a year in the windy city, Meredith transferred to the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, playing four years for ‘SOL’ and captaining her Junior year.

Meredith made her first club ultimate appearance in 2013 with NOISE (No One Is Safe Ever) out of Madison Wisconsin where she played for two years. After a final semester at Eau Claire (milking that eligibility for all it was worth), Meredith graduated with a degree in Illustration before moving to the Twin Cities and making her debut on Drag’n Thrust in 2015.


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