Neal Hanke
#20 Cutter
Height 6'0"
College Iowa State University
Hometown Maple Plain, MN


Neal was introduced to something that generally resembled ultimate around 2006. Along with a loosely organized group of co-founders, he formed the (now defunct) Totally Redonkulous Orono Ultimate Team (TROUT). TROUT would go on to somehow finish 9th in the 2007 Minnesota high school state tournament, rooting the idea in his brain that this sport was something worth pursuing further. He was selected for the MN-YCC open team (Superior) in 2007 and 2008 and went on to play four (and a half) years of collegiate ultimate for the Iowa State University of Science and Technology. In 2012, Neal joined the Ames, IA based mixed team Chad Larson Experience (CLX) while living in Minnesota. After several mixed club nationals appearances with CLX, he opted to try out for a team a little closer to home and was fortunate to be asked to join Dragn Thrust in 2017.
Outside of ultimate, Neal often finds himself looking at very small things with very large microscopes at his job as a materials engineer. In the offseason, he enjoys nordic skiing and starting projects that most often end up unfinished at his home in Crystal.
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