Tavis Leighton
#19 Handler
Height 6'1"
College Yale University
Hometown Minneapolis, MN


Tavis started playing frisbee at South High School after missing tennis tryouts.  He also missed YCC tryouts the next year, but fortunately, they were more forgiving.  He played for Yale Süperfly from 2012 to 2016 (although he was only on the field about half the time; the rest he spent recovering from two surgeries, a concussion, and trochanteric bursitis).  During his career he’s also played seasons with Spirit Fowl, Bird, The Millers, Imperial, and Wind Chill.
Tavis has coached the Seward Middle School ultimate team since its inception in 2017.  Teaching spirit of the game to his players has been the most rewarding experience of his frisbee career.  When he isn’t playing or coaching frisbee, you can find him sending emails and looking at spreadsheets, mostly.
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