Drag’n 2010: Tryouts+

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Following our excessively fun 28-4 first season as a pickup team in 2009, Drag’n Thrust plans to upgrade in 2010 to tryouts and practices. Most of the 2009 team will be coming back for more, and we hope to add some new awesome players with quality attitudes into the mix too! Tryouts are for returning players and rookies alike.

Sundays and Wednesdays at 6pm
Team Retreat Aug 27-29

Tournaments We Wanna Attend
Philly Invite July 17-18
MUDI July 24-25
Cooler Classic Aug 14-15
Heavyweights Sept 11-12
UPA Fall Series
Tryouts Schedule*

Wed, June 9 – 6pm, Solomon Park: Open Tryout

Wed, June 16 – 6pm, Solomon Park: Open Tryout
Sat, June 19 – 2pm, Bossen Field: Invite Tryout
Sun, June 20 – 2pm, Bossen Field: Invite Tryout
Wed, June 23 – 6:30pm, Eagan: Invite Tryout
Sat, June 26 – 10am, Bossen Field: Invite Tryout
Sun, June 27 – 1:30pm, Bossen Field: Invite Tryout / Scrimmage
Wed June 30 – 6:30pm, Better Eagan Field: Invite Tryout
Contact the captains to get on the tryouts email list. Add us to your google calendar! (At the left of your google calendar there’s “Other Calendars” with a text field that says “Add a friend’s calendar.” Enter 2286lpion9jpb43hiav3rburhk@group.calendar.google.com.)
Questions/comments? Email 2010 captains @gmail.com:
Alicia Carr – alicia.n.carr
Alex Baker – bakester
Dave Klink – daveklink

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Q: What if I can’t make tryouts?
A: Email the captains with some information about your Ultimate experience and we’ll discuss the possibility of an alternate tryout.

Q: Is Drag’n Thrust fun?
A: Last year we finished 3rd at regionals with 2 bids to nationals and it was still the most fun most of us ever had on an Ultimate team. Positive energy everywhere. Interesting, cool people – jocks and nerds in harmony – can’t go anywhere with them without having a blast. 3 bids this year. And the team retreat is gonna rock.

Q: Is playing Drag’n Thrust expensive?
A: Club ultimate isn’t free, but we’re willing to work with you to make it affordable, and Drag’n is one of the cheaper teams out there to play for. Some of us are driving to Philly, for example. Please talk with the captains if money is the only factor holding you back.

Q: Practice players?

A: Yes! Drag’n will be looking for a few practice players this year, especially on the women’s side. Perfect for those who can’t make the UPA series, aren’t able to make the full financial/time commitment to club, or just want the chance to up their game with us but are a season away from making the UPA roster.
Q: Is it OK if I want to also tryout with another team?
A: Generally yes. There will be a point in our tryout process when we need to know whether you are in or out, but we don’t mind a little healthy competition with other teams out there. Contact us to workout details, and keep us informed on your thought process.
Q: What should I bring to tryouts?
A: White and dark shirt, cleats, water, disc, intensity, positive attitude . . .
Q: How long will tryouts/practices run?
A: Typically 2.5 hours.


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