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Drag’n Thrust is a mixed ultimate team based in Minneapolis/St. Paul committed to creating a culture of competition, respect, and inclusion. Playing for Drag’n goes beyond teammates; we’re friends and family pushing each other toward our goals. We recognize that in order to reach our potential, we must allow every athlete on our squad to shine.


We know that success comes through hard work; today’s mistakes become victories tomorrow. Therefore, we must continue to grow as individuals and as a group with a strong work ethic and an eagerness to improve.

  • Goal 1: Continue our tradition of success on the national level
    • Action Steps: I will…
      • Prioritize attending practices and team events
      • Show up with focus and an intent to learn
      • Recognize mistakes and adjust accordingly


Drag’n Thrust strives at all times to respect

Drag’n Thrust strives at all times to respect each other, all opponents, and the game itself.

  • Goal 1: Respect all teammates and opponents
    • Action Steps: I will…
      • Actively listen to teammates and opponents on and off the field
      • Respect physical boundaries set by teammates and opponents on and off the field
  • Goal 2: Respect the game of ultimate
    • Action Steps: I will… 
      • Stay up to date on ultimate rules and regulations
      • Hold myself and my teammates accountable for calls


Individually and collectively, we are committed to educating ourselves and taking action towards gender, racial, and financial equity, on and off the field. We will accomplish this through specific goals and associated action steps listed below. 

We acknowledge that we are not experts and have constant room for growth.

  • Goal 1: Make deliberate efforts to learn, on an ongoing basis, about systematic inequalities, intersectionality, discrimination, and microaggressions.
    • Action Steps: I will… 
      • Engage in liaison-facilitated conversations
      • Read and reflect on resources shared by the team
      • Work to understand my privilege

We acknowledge that our teammates, and athletes across the sport, do not shed their identities as they step on the field.

  • Goal 2: Make the team a more inclusive space for people of all identities and work to grow ultimate
  • Goal 2: Make the team a more inclusive and safe space for people of all identities and work to grow ultimate in a way that promotes gender, racial, and financial equity
    • Action Steps: I will…  
      • Work to remove gendered language and microaggressions on and off the field (e.g., man defense, guys, etc.)
      • Use correct gender pronouns for all players
      • Continue the use of the terms “Psion” (replacing woman-matching roster-spot eligible) and “Nova” (replacing man-matching roster-spot eligible) to describe eligibility without the use of gendered language
        • I understand these terms are exclusive to the context of ultimate
      • Keep teammates and others accountable for continued growth in a constructive way
    • Action Steps: Drag’n Thrust will…  
      • Offer financial assistance to ensure cost is not a barrier to potential players
      • Continue coaching youth and college sports with a deliberate focus on increasing gender, racial, and financial equity on their teams

While we are an ultimate team, we acknowledge that there is work to do outside our sport.

  • Goal 3: Give back to our local communities 
    • Action Steps: I will… 
      • Participate in one or more of the below team action steps
    • Action Steps: Drag’n Thrust will… 
      • Identify and partner with established local organizations which focus on gender, racial, or financial inequity to 
        • Participate in volunteer opportunities
        • Donate money

Failure to uphold these values may result in player removal from the team and overall program.

  • If you believe someone’s actions violate Drag’n Thrust’s stated values, please fill out THIS ANONYMOUS FORM which current team captains and coaches will review.*
  • If you believe a captain or a coach’s actions violate Drag’n Thrust’s value, please fill out THIS ANONYMOUS FORM which the current equity committee will review.*

If you have questions, concerns, or comments regarding Drag’n Thrust’s values, please direct them to

*Caleb Denecour manages and has access to both forms

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