CHC Champs!!

Game 1: 15-9 over MethOD (Iowa City, IA).
In our first game of the weekend, we played MethOD. This was MethOD’s first game of the season, and they were notably missing Zach Eastlund during the weekend. The Drag’n D-line was able to earn several breaks early on in the game, keeping a comfortable lead for the remainder of the game.

Game 2: 15-9 over Steamboat (Cincinnati, OH).
In our second meeting with Steamboat, we were able to come out much stronger than in our Cooler Classic match-up in August. The D-line was able to earn several breaks, and our O-line was able to work it against Steamboat. Our strength came from extreme depth of the Drag’n roster, and we were able to maintain a decent lead throughout the game.
Game 3: 13-6 over Plowed (Twin Cities, MN)
Sectional rival, Plowed typically comes out strong, and we knew we had to bring it from the first point. The Drag’n intensity exploded from the first point, shutting down the Plowed O-Line point after point

12-10 over Overhaul (Michigan)

Overhaul is a very talented team. Led by Colin McIntyre, their handlers were strong with awesome breaks, and fantastic hucks. Drag’n was able to go up on an early 4 point lead, which helped for Drag’n to control the tempo. Both teams made great plays and battled back and forth. Overhaul came back with a couple of breaks in the second half, pulling within 2.

Quarters. 15-8 over B.O.I. (Cleveland, OH).
We came out strong and never took the pedal off the gas. This is just one of the games where Drag’n demonstrated strength in depth and intensity

Semis. 12-9 over MethOD (Iowa City, IA). MethOD beat Madison’s Evil Twin on universe to meet us in semis. Though our offense struggled early, with drops and a few poor decisions, we were able to make some adjustments in strategy. Drag’n came back from an early deficit, working hard for breaks with intense defense, taking half 8-7. Defensively strong for the rest of the game after some key adjustments, we were able to earn some more breaks in order to maintin our lead until hard cap ended our game

Finals. 14-7 over Overhaul (Michigan). Overhaul beat CLX 10-8 to get to finals, riding an early lead to hard cap. This was a fun game to play in and watch. In the second match-up between the two teams of the weekend, we fought during every possession. Overhaul has a very talented roster with depth and athleticism in both cutter and handler positions. However, Dragn’s defense was intense and worked hard to keep the break throws to a minimum, dictating our downfield match ups. The Drag’n O had some big hucks, and took advantage of good chemistry.
Looking forward to working hard over the next two weeks in practice, plyos, conditioning, etc. Sectionals in Maple Plain, MN is the next stop in our season!
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