Pick Up and Tryouts!

Drag’n has added some pick up opportunities and an additional open tryout to it’s early season schedule:

Open Pickup Dates (all at Bryn Mawr):
Wed 5/2 at 6pm
Sat 5/5 at 11am
Sat 5/12 at 11am
Sun 5/13 at 1pm

Open pickup is intended as an opportunity for Ultimate players of any skill level to come and play some fun co-ed pickup. The atmosphere will be laid back, offering plenty of time to play, meet, and chat with fellow Frisbee players.

Open Tryout Dates:
Sat 5/19 at 3pm
Sun 5/20 at 6pm

Open tryout dates are for anyone interested in playing with Drag’n in 2012 or that want some experience with the club tryout process. This will have more structure, drills, skills, and conditioning aspects.

Closed Tryout Dates:
Wed 5/23 at 6pm
Sun 5/27 at 11am
Wed 5/30 at 6pm
Sat 6/2 at 4pm Tentative Round Robin

Closed tryouts are by invite only or by special request. If you are out of town for Open Pickup/Open Tryouts but would still like to participate in Closed Tryouts, let us know and we’ll work with you to accommodate your schedule the best we can. (Especially college players with season overlap).

For those interested in further information or updates to locations/times, drop us your contact info here.


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