Surly Invite Champs!


Surly Open 2012
Blue Ribbon Pines Disc Golf Course
June 23rd
After a successful Wisconsin Swiss the week prior, Drag’n Thrust descended into the peaceful fields and the quiet woods of the Surly Open with an appetite for destruction and a lust for hucks and havoc. Lured by the prize of immortality and, more importantly, a Surly Brewing Co. sponsorship, the Drag’ns looked forward to competing with the other Minnesota mixed teams to see how the rosters matched up early in the season. Despite a number of Minnesota teams doing well at Swiss, Drag’n Thrust never had the opportunity to play any of them. That would change today with fights to the death, okay…Ultimate games to 15 points rather, with Stud Muffin, MSP, and Ruckus.
Game 1 vs. Stud Muffin
After a great showing in 2011 (their first season) when Stud reached the game to go to nationals, we were excited to see how the roster had changed in year two and how the taste of success had kept them hungry in the long off season. We knew Stud was ready to play us and were determined to prove that last season was no fluke. A roster brimming with young, athletic talent sporting all types of purple basketball jerseys they came out swinging for the fences. With a number of big defensive plays and hopeful hucks, both teams duked it out for what felt like endless points. It was not pretty Ultimate. With both O-lines getting broken at least once somehow Drag’n held on to take half 8-6. Needless to say our halftime was focused on our offensive ability to execute without forcing low percentage throws. With the skill of a veteran and disciplined team, Drag’n came out determined to clamp down on defense and make our offense boring. Despite exciting and aggressive play by both squads, Drag’n was able to pull away in the second half. 15 total blocks for the Drag’n defense. Drag’n wins 15-8.
MVP of the game- Strings; 4 goals and 4 blocks.
Break Before 2nd Round
  • Dave explains why he cannot play because he ingested too much pesticide during, well….whatever it is that Dave does.
  • Anna plays terrible pop music that Pat and Martha dance to.
  • And McKean cracks out 3 pounds of homemade pasta salad- delicious! He claims he made it the night before while drinking gin and tonics with his roommate Greg. If that is the case, get these guys a drink stat!
Game 2 vs. Minnesota Star Power (MSP)
With a new cast of characters from last season’s roster including the long defensive handler Adam “I swim upstream” Trautman, the validity of this year’s MSP was a mystery to us all. With only two losses to the Swiss runner-up, Macon, MO Whoopee, we knew they would come into this game with confidence. Despite MSP running hard and playing well Drag’n had learned their lesson from letting Stud hang around. With a game under our belts we were running with greater ease and creating separation from our defenders. Most turnovers in the first half were due to a lack of chemistry early in the season; something we feel will work out over time. We gained some separation before half; 8-5. The second half the wind picked up and MSP continued to battle hard. We did not create as much separation as we would have liked to, but held on for the win; Drag’n 15, MSP 9.
MVP of the game- Baken; with only 5 total touches she collects 3 assists and 1 goal! Plus an insane up-line layout into a subsequent face plant- sick.
Break before 3rd round
    • We are informed that our lunch break is being moved up to accommodate the women’s tournament. Unfortunately lunch is not ready.


  • Pop beats Wolfpack: the Secret Essence and the women’s tournament is over. They all begin drinking beer and heckling the open division.
Game 3 vs. Ruckus
Drag’n came into this game 2-0, while Ruckus had fallen to 0-2. Without a deep roster at the 1-day tournament it was clear from the start that Ruckus and Drag’n had no bad blood and we just looking for a spirited game of Minnesota mixed Ultimate. The wind starts to pick up in the valley and both teams start throwing zone. With more touches Drag’ns actually become more efficient. We cut our turnovers from previous games in half. The game within the game is watching as Trosvig tries to pull it straight upwind into a steady 20mph breeze. In the second half he makes the opponent’s end zone….twice. Drag’n rides on his coattails to a comfortable 15-5 final score.
MVP of the game- with 3 scores and no turnovers; Christie Dosch. This girl is so damn fast; once she gets going you better get out of her way.
Break before finals
  • We have the opportunity to watch the game between Stud and MSP go to universe. MSP pulls it out to set the finals matchup.
  • Someone musters the courage to wake the sleeping giant and James Hron shows up for the finals. Watch out.
Game 4, Finals vs. MSP
Now that we have seen MSP and can almost taste the beer at the end of the tunnel Drag’n is ready to go. We start the game out with two breaks and go up early thanks to String’s 26” vertical. MSP seems a bit tired from their battle against Stud and Drag’n easily takes half 8-3. Trosvig and Austin quarterback the offense with lots of touches and huge hucks on both the O and D lines. With only 10 turns and 9 blocks it is hard to deny Drag’ns desire for the grand prize. With a strong second half Drag’n remains undefeated on the season with a 15-7 victory over MSP. The beer is ours!
MVP of the game- James Hron makes his presence felt at the tournament with 2 scores and 4 huge blocks to crush his match up.
Post Tourney
As the sun set over the pines on the western skyline, all of Minnesota Ultimate comes together to drink a Surly beer and celebrate good sportsmanship and play by all. The Drag’ns gather for a championship photo on the Surly emblem- I think we could get used to this. Victory never tasted as bitter- thanks Surly- a great tournament!
– Thanks to Jake McKean for written contributions
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