2022 Drag’n Thrust Tryout Form

Drag’n Thrust 2022 will be a team defined by 4 values, working toward the goal of competing at and winning nationals. We have developed these values to help take us there. Please read through these carefully before filling out this tryout form!

Commitment to hard work
— Come to practice ready to play
— Complete workouts and fitness outside of training
— Work to develop new skills/throws/techniques

Growth mindset/Trust/Learning/Communication
— Open to give and receive feedback
— Understand when you have freedom to experiment and when you play within systems
— Willingness to further your game IQ

— Respect all your teammates
— Commitment to Drag’n Equity values
— Support the growth of Minnesota ultimate community
— Be a good human


Who is Drag’n Thrust?
Drag’n Thrust is a competitive mixed team based out of Minneapolis/St. Paul with a long history of strong Nationals performances. Drag’n Thrust was established in the spring of 2009 when a group of players, with a myriad of experience and a similar vision, came together and decided to create a competitive mixed Ultimate team. During one of the team’s famous “hill and grill” practices, the physics of a disc were being discussed. What are the four forces that act on a disc in flight? Gravity, Lift, Drag ‘n Thrust.

We are looking for players who feel aligned with this vision of competition, equity and fun for our 2022 roster!

Equity Statement
We are a team committed to creating a culture of fun, competition, equity, and inclusion. We recognize that in order to reach our potential, we must allow every athlete on our squad to shine. Individually and collectively, we are committed to educating ourselves and taking action towards gender, racial, and financial equity, on and off the field.

Danielle Byers, Bryan Vohnoutka (Bvon), Marty Adams and Sarah Mondschein (Moonshine)
Head Coach:
Josh Hemmesch (Shwa)
Assistant Coach:

Contact Information – please feel free to reach out to the captains with questions!

2022 Drag’n Thrust Tryout Form

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