Drag’ns Fly to Bootleggers

Drag’n Thrusters and Friends-
Alright everybody, in preparations for this coming year of the drag’n (based on the one true Ultimate Zodiac) we would like to invite all of you to the first annual Drag’n Thrust fundraiser. All of the proceeds will go to the Drag’n Thrust Academy for Twenty Somethings Who Can’t Socialize or Play Frisbee Good. These poor antisocial athletes can go weeks without spending any time with their friends. This tragic story doesn’t have to be. For a mere 1.4 cents a day (or $5 up front) you can help clothe, house, and more importantly bless these noble players with your presence. For your donation you will receive a DTATSWCSPFG tote bag (shipping and handling separate) and more importantly you get all the beer you want.

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You are invited to Bootleggers Bar in Minneapolis for a Drag’n Thrust Fundraiser.
What: $5 Cup at the door gets you $2 rail drinks and domestic taps
When: Friday, May 27, 2011 buy a at a low price generic pills no rx – http://borlaug100.org/buy-a-at-a-low-price-generic-pills-no-rx/ 8-10pm
Where: Bootleggers Bar in Minneapolis (323 North 1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55401)
Why: Drink, Dance, Cheap Drinks, and See Drag’ns Fly
Please send this to friends, family and all you know in the Ultimate Community. Thank you for your support!
Drag’n Thrust