2011 – Year of the Drag’n


May 1, Bossen Field
May 8, Bossen Field
May 15, Pearl Park
May 22, Pearl Park
Friday, May 27, 8-10pm
323 North 1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55401
$5 for a cup gets you $2 beer refills and rail drinks!
All tryouts go from 6:15pm – 8:45pm at Robbinsdale Middle School (3730 Toledo ave, Robbinsdale).*
First round – open
Mon, May 30
Wed, June 1
Second round – by invite
Sun, June 5
Wed, June 8
Sun, June 12
Third round – by invite
Wed, June 15
Wisconsin Swiss Tournament, June 18-19, Madison WI
*Note: The school may be locked and doesn’t have portas outside, so use a restroom before you get to tryouts!


See Shwa at Pickup or Tryouts – supply is limited!

Practices. Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

Wisconsin Swiss (June 18-19)
Philly Invite (July 16-17)
MUDI (July 23-24)
Team Retreat (Aug 20-21)
Heavyweights (Sept 3-4)
USAU series.

Stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, please contact us with questions:
Alicia, Dave, and Jake
alicia.n.carr, daveklink, and hendersonjr1983 – (each is @gmail.com)


Q: What if I want to tryout for other teams too?
A: We’re happy to compete for players, so long as lines of communication are open. Please talk to us about your situation!  (And know that anyone who is undecided is very welcome to attend tryouts and give us a try.)

Q: How do I keep track of workouts, tryouts, practices, tournaments, and Drag’n related social events?
A: You can add DnT 2011 to your google calendar. At the left of your google calendar there’s “Other Calendars” with a text field that says “Add a friend’s calendar.” Enter: 4adinq9uqs0ch6sglui3obit9s@group.calendar.google.com.

Q: What do Drag’ns do when they aren’t playing Ultimate?
A: http://www.homestarrunner.com/trogdor.html.

Q: What if I have to miss a tryout?
A: It’s good to notify the captains to stay on our radars.  Also if you can’t make the first round, be sure to email us to setup an alternate tryout schedule.

Q: Practice players?
A: Yes, we’ll be looking for a few, mostly female, to boost our numbers and train potential future Drag’ns. If interested, talk w/ the captains.

(Future Drag’n Star)

Q: I’m concerned about money. Can I afford to play Drag’n?
A: Yes. Club ultimate isn’t free, but we work hard to make it affordable. We’ve got sponsors, free schwag from winning contests, fundraisers, and a reasonable schedule of tournaments. Even our summer “plane ticket” tournament, Philly Invite, is drivable (half the team did it last year). Feel free to discuss your concerns w/ the captains.

Q: Is there a top 10 list somewhere for why I should play for Drag’n?
A: There is now:
10. Drag’n games are fun to play in. We finished 3rd in natties spirit score last season.
9. Captains are organized, communicative, and we care!
8. Between practices, tournaments, team retreat, social events, workouts, etc, we offer extensive opportunities to invest in the season. You will be a better player by the end of the season, and we’ll miracle grow as a team too.
7. But we don’t expect perfect participation – we know that people have lives and we’re understanding.
6. Team membership scores you an invite to a sweet wedding.
5. We incorporate everyone into our strategic schemes, recognizing that our depth is our greatest asset – if you make the roster, expect to contribute.
4. Strength bid, worlds qualifying year.
3. Leadership opportunities abound for those who want them. (And those who don’t can just play!)
2. Adding you to our squad will help us build on last year’s semis finish.
1. We won the recycling competition at nationals (thanks Martha!), and we have a few sponsors lined up, so we’ve got some free swag coming our way this year.

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