Surly Invite

Surly Brewing Company has been a giant supporter of Minnesota Ultimate for a very long time. They have been a consistent presence at staple ultimate tournaments like MUDI, sectionals and regionals, providing their best for the athletes after a long and grueling day on the field. Surly also has their own ultimate team who, as of now, are the only club national champions from Minnesota. In addition to their multiple national championships, Surly also has a World Championship.

Now Surly is doing even more for the ultimate community. They are, for the second year, hosting the annual Surly Invite. The winner of this event receives a large monetary sponsorship, as well as cans of Surly’s finest throughout the year.

For Drag’n Thrust, this weekend is a very exciting weekend. This will be the very first time that the 2013 Drag’n Thrust team is able to play together at a competitive event. Rookies on the team will be tested in different roles, and will have the opportunity to shine without the pressure of making the team. Returners will work on refining their new sets of skills from the off-season.

This also marks the very first competitive outdoor tournament for most area teams. The joy of finally being out on the field in the sun will be unbridled. But there may be bumps along the way. Drag’n Thrust will be trying out new offensive mixes, new zone looks, and different players in different roles. Drag’n Thrust is looking to perform at a high level, but it may not be polished.

The players of Drag’n Thrust have one goal this weekend. They want to prove that they are the best mixed team in the area. They want to prove that they deserve the spot they worked hard for on the team. They want to prove that Drag’n Thrust is the team to beat. And all of that starts this weekend.

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