2013 Us Open

The 2013 US Open took place in Raleigh, NC over the Fourth of July weekend. It had rained quite a bit the week before, and there was standing water on the fields when we arrived. It was hot—mid 90s all weekend. But the humidity is what challenged us most. The standing water on the field never evaporated, and never went anywhere. It stayed right where it was, creating one of the most difficult environments Drag’n Thrust has ever played in. Everyone was wet one way or another, from the sweat or the water on the ground. The humidity and dampness changed how a lot of players played their game, and quite possibility how a few games ended up.

Drag’n Thrust started off the tournament the way they wanted, going 3-0 the first day. They were able to put away Ambiguous Grey and Columbia by margins of 6 and 7. Their closest game of the day came from Mischief in the first round. This was a hard fought game with a lot of momentum swings. Drag’n Thrust was able to pull out the victory 15-13, in a preview of a matchup that would be seen 3 more times this season.

The second day was just as humid as the first, and Drag’n Thrust fell short on a couple of matchups. Canada’s Odyssee handled Drag’n Thrust in game one, 15-10. It was an ugly game on the side of Drag’n Thrust, and the humidity may have had a hand in that loss. The second game featured Drag’n Thrust vs Blackbird, the defending national champions, in a game that could easily decide who the semi-finalists were. It was an intense game, but Drag’n Thrust pulled out the victory by two. Finishing day two was a disappointing game against the Polar Bears. Drag’n Thrust went up big in the first half, but the Polar Bears were also able to mount a comeback against a huge lead, and beat Drag’n Thrust by one.

Day 3 held the last pool play game, and semi-finals. Drag’n Thrust was able to beat an up and coming Cahoots by 3, securing a place in the semi-finals. Drag’n was set to see Mischief for the second time that weekend, setting the stage for a season-long rivalry. Mischief went up a few breaks early, and while Drag’n was able to earn a few points back, Mischief never let up. Drag’n ran out of gas late, and ended up short with a final score of 15-9. Drag’n Thrust took 3rd at the US Open, for the second year in a row. purchase a at a low price pills without rx – http://iup.feb.ub.ac.id/purchase-a-at-a-low-price-pills-without-rx/