North Central Regionals 2013

purchase a at a low figure pills on line – Regionals – Day 1

With the North Central Region earning two bids to the Club Championships, I was feeling VERY confident heading into the tournament.  Perhaps a little bit too confident…

I thought that with a nice 3 week break from the Pro Flight Finale, I would be feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  I thought that my legs would feel like they had a wings attached to them, and I would be flying around the field.  But when I started the warm-up jog Saturday morning, my legs felt as heavy as bowling balls.   My calves felt as though there were pebbles in them, and my ankles felt like they had swelled up bigger than Hilary Clinton’s cankles.   This was the first time throughout the inaugural season of Triple Crown Tour that I had to warm up for a game where the weather was below 85 degrees, and my body was not adjusting well.   Atop of my own bodily issues, the field where we were warming up was atrocious.  It only took us and our early morning opponents about 10 marker discs, and the removal of 2 watermelon-sized boulders from the field to determine that we needed to find a new space.  Luckily, we were able to switch.  Unluckily, we needed 7 on the line quickly.  My legs, my body, and my mind were not ready to play.  It soon became clear to me that my team was also not ready to play.  The third seed of the pool, Bird, was able to capitalize on our unpreparedness.  Bird broke us 3 times in a row, and we were unable to recover.   Bird took the game 11-10.

The way the tournament was formatted was after 5 rounds of pool play, the top seeds from each pool will play for the championship and a Club Championships bid.  The loser of the championship game will have to defend their 2nd place spot, against the 2nd and 3rd seeds of the pools battling for the top spot.  The winner earning the 2nd Club Championships bid.  We knew that after our loss to Bird, we would need to win the rest of our pool play games to even have a chance to play in the championship game.

The mood of the team changed drastically.  Instead of smiling, fun-loving DragN’s, we became very determined and focused.  It felt like walking into the office on Monday morning.  No one was excited to be there (in a position that we put ourselves into), but we were all there together and knew the job had to get done.  My pain and tightness that seemed to consume my brain in the first game was suddenly unimportant.   Now, it was time to take care of business.   We beat Dragon Trust on the field 13-3, however their upgraded jerseys and other swag was something to contend with…and looked vaguely familiar.  We then were able to outmatch Mad Udderburn 13-9 by switching up some of our lines and playing more upwind/downwind rather than strictly Offense and Defense.  In our fourth and final game of the day we faced Minnesota Star Power, a very familiar opponent.   As legs began to get tired, our depth showed and we clenched the game 13-5.

Regionals – Day Two

MarthaCroppedSunday morning started out with our last pool play game against Plowed.  The mood of the team seemed similar to Saturday’s mood in that it was very serious.  This made me nervous.  The team tends to play the best when we are supporting each other and having fun.  Luckily, the song “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard came on during our warm-up.  Female offensive line handler, Martha Harris treated the team to a very PG-rated strip tease.  It was just what the team needed to smile, laugh, and re-focus ourselves. We were able to cruise through the game 13-1, and finish pool play with a record of 4-1.  Unfortunately, we ended up as the 2nd add in cart inexpensively medications online – seed in the pool, and prepared ourselves for 3 more games.

Our first bracket play game was against Thoroughbred, the third seed from the opposite pool.  Honestly, the thing I can most clearly remember from this game was that two of Thoroughbred’s males layed out into each other…at full speed…HEAD FIRST.  I thought I had witnessed someone being paralyzed.   In my 10 years of playing ultimate, I have never heard a field get that quiet.  Incredibly enough both players were able to stand up and walk off the field.  I was amazed by their bravery and toughness.   Despite, the false panic attack, we played this game similarly to our pool games.  We continued to use our upwind/downwind lines in this game and were able to come out on top 15-8.

Our next was against NOISE, the second seed from the opposite pool.   We remained on auto-pilot for this game continuing with our upwind/downwind lines, and coming out victorious 15-4.

Our final game of the tournament was playing in the “back-door” game for 2nd place, and a bid for the Club Championships.


It was fitting that this was a rematch against Bird, who got the best of us the previous day.  I felt wide awake for this game, and I could see in the eyes of my teammates that they were wide awake as well.  Even though, this was the 8th game of the tournament, I felt fresh and ready to go.   We came out playing hot; proving that we were more than the showing gave on Saturday morning.  Our larger, deeper roster was working hard through the whole game, especially Eric “Hopkins” Olson who sacrificed his wrist bone on a full extension layout bid.   We outworked the small and tired Bird roster, and were able to avenge ourselves taking the game 15-7.  We had earned the final bid to the Club Championships!  Now we’re off to sunny Saraso…er…Frisco, Texas!