Acceleration North

By Erica Baken

The mention of Acceleration at a Drag’n Thrust practice is sure to incite either groans or a burst of excitement. For the past few years, Drag’ns have worked with a training program called Acceleration Minnesota to build workouts tailored to skills used in Ultimate. In a room not much bigger than a basketball court, a number of Drag’ns meet at Acceleration North twice a week to jump on a steep treadmill for sprints or run grueling agility drills for an hour.


In combining sprint, strengthening, and agility workouts paced to build endurance, take on cheap generic pills without prescription – purchase inexpensively medications on line – Acceleration North has provided the twin cities Ultimate community with an opportunity to train hard for Ultimate outside of practice, and these workouts are no joke.

In high school, my soccer and ultimate teams both participated in the Acceleration workout programs, and it has always kicked my butt. At more than one Acceleration workout I lost my dinner or felt close to passing out.

Good thing that is exactly what Drag’n Thrust looks for in a workout! Acceleration has for years helped DnT get stronger, faster, and fitter, but just as importantly, it has allowed us to focus our precious few practice hours each week on skills and teamwork rather than fitness. It’s easy to see Drag’n owes much of its success to Acceleration, and even though the trainers seem to enjoy torturing us, we always come back for more.