Drag’n Thrust 2015

Tryouts have concluded, and the roster for the 2015 club series is set:

Alex Baker
Austin Lien*
Brian ‘Strings’ Schoenrock*
Carlos Wolle
Claire Oakley
Dave Klink
David Shirley
Emily Regan
Eric ‘Vandy’ VanderMolen
Erica Baken
Jacob Lien
Jaime Glader
Jake McKean
Jay Drescher
Jeff Trosvig
Jess Haller
Josh ‘Shwa’ Hemmesch
Martha Harris
Melissa ‘George’ LaFrance
Meredith Bray
Mike Clark
Mike Petersen
Pat Niles
Patty King*
Sarah Meckstroth
Sarah ‘SK’ Anciaux
Sierra Barthen

* Captain

Drag’n Thrust will hit the field without founding members Alicia Carr, Pete Carr, Anna Hron, and James Hron, 2013 addition Andrea Crumrine, and rookie Tallis Boyd.  New additions include Carlos Wolle, Eric ‘Vandy’ VanderMolen, Meredith Bray, and Sierra Barthen along with the return of Alex Baker and Melissa ‘George’ LaFrance (née Jordan).  Updated bios on the new blood coming soon!

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