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Born in Stillwater MN. Raised in Marine on St. Croix, population 602 (including the cows). Went to high school at Stillwater Area High School and played soccer and jazz. Graduated and went to the University of Minnesota Duluth. I started playing ultimate my freshman year on Northern Lights and never looked back. I earned the role of captain as a junior, after playing on Sub Zero that summer. I stuck around for a half of a semester after my senior year to use all 5 years of my eligibility. It paid off and Northern Lights made it to College Nationals that year. I joined Drag'n in 2012 and enjoy every game I get to play with my amazing teammates. Winning Club Nationals was the payout to the hard work and dedication this team puts in week in and week out. It is an experience I will always remember. We will bring the fire to Italy to represent the USA, and hopefully end that tournament with the same feeling!

Wear and Tear

By Jay Drescher It is no secret that ultimate is a physically demanding sport, but having played two straight seasons of AUDL and USA Ultimate Club, I can safely say it is a lot of stress on your body. Turf is a faster surface to play on, and as a result it puts more stress […]

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Defense: A Closer Look

By: Jay Drescher Defense is my one of my favorite aspects of ultimate. A good Defense will force the offense to throw something they don’t want to. That is the product of the entire defense doing their job in a 7 second period. Let’s say your man catches the disc on the force sideline. Stall 1. […]

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Drag’n Thrust Goes to MUDI

MUDI Maple Plain, MN July 28-29 Link to full results Saturday morning is when all of the Drag’ns from across the land leave their caves to join forces to do battle on the horse hoof beaten plains. We all assembled to start pool play with some light wind. Our first game was against Stud Muffin. […]

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