Drag’n Thrust 2016

Tryouts have concluded, and the roster for the 2016 club series is here: Alicia Carr Austin Lien Brett Sullivan Brian ‘Strings’ Schoenrock Michelle “Chip” Chang Claire Oakley Danny Collom David Shirley Emily Regan Eric ‘Vandy’ VanderMolen Erica Baken Greg Arenson Jacob Lien Jaime Glader Jake McKean Jay Drescher Jeff Trosvig Jimmy Kittlesen Josh ‘Shwa’ Hemmesch Martha […]

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Strings goes up, lands in the ESPN Top 10

Our very own Brian “Strings” Schoenrock went up for a HUGE grab in the semi-final game against Slow White, pulls the disc down for a score, a broken arm and a spot on ESPN’s Top 10.  Congratulations, Strings!

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Mixed Fantasy Ultimate – Nationals 2015

Mixed Fantasy Ultimate – Nationals 2015 Nationals is this week! So if you are like me, you’re sad that your Fantasy Football team lost. Really sad actually, since you now owe your fellow captain Chipotle as her team beat yours by 65 points. You are worthless at work. You’re dreaming of Ultimate…and are extremely confident […]

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Pro Flight Finale Recap

Drag’n Thrust has been working hard since the tournament in Minneapolis ended to prepare for our Regional tournament coming up this weekend. Luckily, we had a short break in preparation with Labor Day weekend and were able to finally put together a recap of the Pro Flight Finale! It was WINDY. Thanks for reading, and […]

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50 Facts You Must Know About the Pro Flight Finale

The Pro Flight Finale (PFF) is upon us. That means two things to us here in MN. First, our summer weather is all but gone and we’ll be feeling it with some slightly chilly and rainy weather this weekend and secondly, the NFL season is finally back! Alright, maybe not everyone cares about that second […]

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Minneapolis, MN
Big congrats to @OberlinManti and @pranksters69 on their National Championships! https://t.co/OFRjprujS4

Minneapolis, MN
Hey we know that guy on the end!! Good luck this weekend @Schoenrock16 !!! https://t.co/6JcoMx40sJ

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN
If you are attending our combined tryout sessions today: MORNING SESSION IS ON, AFTERNOON SESSION IS TBD. We will… https://t.co/86CB5fEnNf

@Bird Ultimate
RT @MNBirdultimate: Can’t wait for session 1 tonight! If you haven’t done so yet, there is still time to register for either of two Saturda…

Minneapolis, MN
a bit..
Happy Mother's Day to to all the mothers of drag'ns!! Reminder to come to our open tryout today at 4pm at Fridley H… https://t.co/cYvAgOKMvo

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