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2015 MUDI Recap

The Minnesota Ultimate Disc Invitational (MUDI) has been held for 12 consecutive seasons at the Twin Cities Polo Club fields in Independence, MN. This midsummer classic is a celebration of Minnesota and Midwestern Ultimate. Local elite teams in each division are generally present to get some reps against regional competition, try to avoid the small […]

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The Ultimate Athlete Project

By Jake McKean Welcome back to the Drag’n Thrust blog! We had a busy season in case you were wondering. If you were unable to follow our 2014 exploits, we won the World Ultimate Club Championships in Lecco, Italy, and then followed it up with a defense of the National Championship. It was quite a […]

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Getting Hurt Sucks

By Jake McKean Getting hurt sucks. No matter when it happens, it is always the most inopportune time: training always seems to be going well; this year was always going to be “your year”; it’s always right before a big tournament. We all go through it, some less often than others, but this sport is […]

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Beyond the Bookends: Commitment to the Core

By Jake McKean Commitment to the Core Ultimate is the best sport on the face of the earth. It has the greatest people, a tremendous community, and is the best use of anyone’s energy and leisure time. Attend an Ultimate gathering and it will be clear that we are the happiest and healthiest group of […]

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