Drag’n Thrust 2016

Tryouts have concluded, and the roster for the 2016 club series is here: Alicia Carr Austin Lien Brett Sullivan Brian ‘Strings’ Schoenrock Michelle “Chip” Chang Claire Oakley Danny Collom David Shirley Emily Regan Eric ‘Vandy’ VanderMolen Erica Baken Greg Arenson Jacob Lien Jaime Glader Jake McKean Jay Drescher Jeff Trosvig Jimmy Kittlesen Josh ‘Shwa’ Hemmesch Martha […]

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Just get in

As the NFL Superbowl finished this week, I can’t help but think back to Drag’n Thrust’s run through the National Championships this October. We faltered early at Regions in Iowa, losing to an energized Bird team, who played a flawless game.  But Drag’n refocused and went on to win the play-in game taking second in […]

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