Drag’n Thrust 2016

Tryouts have concluded, and the roster for the 2016 club series is here: Alicia Carr Austin Lien Brett Sullivan Brian ‘Strings’ Schoenrock Michelle “Chip” Chang Claire Oakley Danny Collom David Shirley Emily Regan Eric ‘Vandy’ VanderMolen Erica Baken Greg Arenson Jacob Lien Jaime Glader Jake McKean Jay Drescher Jeff Trosvig Jimmy Kittlesen Josh ‘Shwa’ Hemmesch Martha […]

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The Ultimate Effect

By Jaime Glader I remember the exact moment when Ultimate changed the course of my life. I was a scared little freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, about a month into my first semester. I felt lost without my accustomed fall schedule from high school—an endless organized set of swim and soccer practices, extracurricular […]

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Ultimate Peace

By Tom Bomberg In 2008 I began coaching for Hopkins High School Ultimate Frisbee team. I quickly became passionate for teaching and introducing kids to the joys of playing Ultimate. A year later, I decided to spend 7 months living and studying in Israel. Although I still wanted to continue teaching frisbee; soon after my […]

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