Drag’n Thrust 2016

Tryouts have concluded, and the roster for the 2016 club series is here: Alicia Carr Austin Lien Brett Sullivan Brian ‘Strings’ Schoenrock Michelle “Chip” Chang Claire Oakley Danny Collom David Shirley Emily Regan Eric ‘Vandy’ VanderMolen Erica Baken Greg Arenson Jacob Lien Jaime Glader Jake McKean Jay Drescher Jeff Trosvig Jimmy Kittlesen Josh ‘Shwa’ Hemmesch Martha […]

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First Pickup Cancelled – Closed Tryouts Application

2014 Hat Tournament

Drag’ns have never had any problems playing in the rain, but unfortunately our field site hasn’t quite been able to drink down all the surprisingly non-solid precipitation we’ve been receiving lately.  With many other Minneapolis field sites flooded as well, we’ve decided to cancel this first event.  Here’s hoping the weather cooperates next week! ***IMPORTANT*** […]

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Drag’n Thrust 2014 – Tryout Dates!

***UPDATE*** Please fill out the following form if you’re interested in attending closed tryouts! http://goo.gl/fJozwz The snow has finally melted which means hibernation mode is nearly complete and spring ultimate can begin. Drag’n Thrust is excited to be back at it this year as defending national champions! With the WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships taking […]

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Minneapolis, MN
We urge folks to pressure responsible officials to charge the officers responsible for his murder, to rethink commu… https://t.co/qwVhv9X6Xj

Minneapolis, MN
Art by @seriouslypaige We condemn the racism and anti-Black violence that continues to take place in Minneapolis… https://t.co/IAUPmJuH3b

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Minneapolis, MN
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Drag’n Thrust will be cancelling all tryouts, suspending all in-person events until S… https://t.co/e4IWBNDIPp

RT @MsPackyetti: White folks: instead of lather, rinse & repeat your tweets for #GeorgeFloyd or about #AmyCooper, here are things you can *…

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